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Crockpot Fall Soup

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Oh how we love Fall! The weather starts getting cooler----which for us as Arizona residents with triple-digit Summers, is an absolute blessing---and the food gets cozier. But life gets busier!

This is another hearty on-dish meal with a unique and delicious flavor profile, perfect for the changing season. It's also incredibly budget-friendly and easy to customize. You'll see how we pulled a bit of improvisation on this one as we often love to do.

Raising 4 kids of all different ages means lots of different preferences, palates and "pickinesses". So of course we are thrilled when we find a dish that pleases the whole crowd like this one. Plus it's always great when you can avoid the guilt and extra spending of those "drive-thru dinner" nights and just come home to a warm, healthy home-cooked meal. What a win!

Watch the tutorial here:


1/2 bag whole carrots chopped (chop off the tiPs and the butts! LOL)

1 head cabbage, chopped

1 sweet potato, chopped

2 cloves of minced garlic (but really 4-5 cloves if you're like us)

1 bunch green onion chopped (subsitute with yellow or white onion if you prefer)

1 pkg frozen meatballs

8 oz italian sausage, browned

3 32oz Vegetable Broth

1 tb Worcestershire sauce

1 pkg Lipton onion soup mix

Salt, pepper, everday seasoning,and your favorite flavor of Mrs. Dash to taste

Wash and chop all your veggies. Add to your crockpot along with garlic. Sprinkle Worcestershire sauce, seasonings and Lipton soup broth over top. Add meatballs and browned sausage. Pour in Vegetable broth until full. Cover and set to low for approx 6 hours (you can set to Med or High for faster cook time). Stir occasionally, and feel free to add more broth if it cooks down. Enjoy!


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