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DIY Christmas Gifts: Your Guide to Simple, Meaningful Holiday Gifts

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

It's the most wonderful time of year! To make the season of giving even better, we wanted to make it the season of personalized, handmade giving. It's actually a lot easier and more economical than you may think. Plus it will make for a really special, memorable gift.

Today, we are showing you a simple recipe for home made soap. Our favorite thing about this recipe is how limitless your customization options are! With just a few ingredients you can do any variation of color, fragrance, size or shape you can imagine. Friends, family, teachers, anybody will really love the extra effort and personal touch of this gift.

To make a complete bath set to compliment this soap, check out our simple Salt Soak and Sugar Scrub tutorial!

This is a "superfat" soap recipe. This means the ratio of fat (oil) to lye is high. Lye turns the fat to soap. So there is more fat than the lye can convert into soap.This leaves oil in your soap and therefore makes it more moisturizing. If you prefer a more drying soap, you can use an online soap calculator to adjust your ratio.

Watch the video tutorial Here!


33 oz coconut oil liquid form (melt if needed)

4.8 oz lye

12 1/2 oz filtered water

1/2 oz essential oils (optional)

1 tbsp Vitamin E oil (d-alpha tocopherol)


-Sanitize work area and all equipment with rubbing alcohol

-Have distilled white vinegar on hand to neutralize the soap chemicals

-Have your soap mold ready 

-Wear long sleeves, eye protection, and rubber gloves 


Digital kitchen scale

Protective eyewear


Soap mold

Glass dishware 

Silicone spatulas/spoons

Immersion blender

(plastic not recommended)

Making Soap:

-Measure your ingredients using a digital scale.

-Combine coconut oil and vitamin E, set aside.

-In a well ventilated area (preferably outside) slowly and carefully pour the lye into the filtered water a little at a time while stirring. Take care to keep away from eyes, nose and skin. Set aside in a safe ventilated area away from children or animals, and wait for the mixture to go from cloudy to clear.

-Once the lye mixture has settled to clear, slowly stir into coconut oil.

-Use the immersion blender on this mixture until it reaches trace (a pudding like consistency). 

-Stir in your essential oils and colors if you're using them.

-Pour into soap mold

-Allow to set up for at least 48 hours before handling.

-For best results it is recommended to let your soap cure (by sitting undisturbed in a cool dry place) for up to 4 weeks before use, to allow the soap to harden and condition.

-Wipe down or soak all equipment and workspace with white vinegar to neutralize before washing. 


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